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Why Join the MTC Masterminds?

In 2024 we'll be launching our paid memberships, where the MTC community will have access to even more perks. Becoming a MontanaCamp Member will give you access to our exclusive Mastermind Sessions with Continuing Education Hours and, of course, gain direct access to the MTCIV conference each year you're a member.

Early MTC Registration

Gain access to MontanaCamp's annual event with early registration.

CE Credits

Access to your required Real Estate continuing education credits.

MTC Community

Full access to a community full of professionals accross the region.


What's the HUB?

This is where we gather. We come from all corners of Montana and this is a space where you can connect with professional community members all with the same goals. Post questions, achievements, and more.

Paid Memberships & Perks coming in 2024

  • FREE Plan

    Access to MTC content from current and previous years.
    Free Plan
    • Access to the Community HUB
    • Stay up to date on current and future events
    • Access to past MTC event recordings
    • **Regular Price Entry to our Annual Camp**
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